How Digital has changed our Lives – for the Better!

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December 17, 2018
Jumping into 2019
January 1, 2019

Time and Money wait for no one. Um Okay – I just added Money myself. We all run after it, right?

There was a time around over a decade ago – before Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. had bombarded our lives. Time was plenty enough to visit the near-by ground and park for sports. That’s long gone though.

We’ve gone #DIGITAL.

That’s NOT bad news though. Especially for the Sports-Lovers OR the TV-Glues (X-Box anyone?)

There are some PRETTY Cool things that technology has been able to do for us. Some interesting words on the same by Colin at Adobe Blog – Read up The Evolution of Technology – How It’s Changed Our Lives.

THE Match and Daily Chores

I vividly remember some INTENSE football matches in my younger years, for instance Liverpool vs Manchester United – an INTENSE 2nd half has just started after a Goalless first half. I can hear the Commentator SCREAM out Loud when Steven Gerrard is about to wrap his foot around the ball for one of his MAGNIFICENT 30 Yard Screamers…

…Aaannnd Instead of the Commentator going CRAZY with his voice – you hear the voice from your Mom:

“1 ghanta hogaya hai Sabzi laanay ko bola hai” (Hey! It’s been an hour that I asked you to bring me some Vegetables!)

All of a sudden, Steven Gerrard, the goal and everything in life is slightly less important. I would take a deep breath and run to the near-by shop to fetch some vegetables. 

Really Maa? Vegetables? More important than the GREATEST Match of ALL – one of many – and well yea, of course one among 100s of more to come. 

If I’m lucky enough – nothing substantial would have happened in those 15 minutes lost of the match. More often than not, the score-line would show a 1 – 0 – meaning a goal had been scored. Aaannnd Yes! I missed it.

This meant either leave everything else aside and wait for the highlights later on – or get ready to hear it from your friends how you missed the MOST Dramatic 20 Minutes of football in the HISTORY of the world. 

How Technology has Changed Things

Things have changed. Technology has turned things upside down. Consider the same scenario a decade or more later and well, you can sit and watch “The Match of the Century” while, with a few taps on your mobile – purchase stuff online. Cool right? Well yea.

Various companies around the world have helped change that – AmazonInstacart and in the Eastern side of the world, Amazon Pantry (yup – they’re just everywhere), GrofersRAFT Bazaar (mine of course) and so many others.

Heck you don’t even have to go grab a taxi – Careem and Uber have changed that too.

WORST Case scenario, even if you had to step out for a while in order to do any of your daily functional tasks, you have YouTube for highlights to save the day.

One by one, technology has taken up daily chores of our life and has changed the way we live. What’s cool? I believe it’s JUST the beginning – where OUR Life and things important to US – will be things we will focus more time upon.

A Functional Life? Not anymore.

Instead of living functional, we are more and more able to do things we are PASSIONATE about – whether that is watching a Sports Match happening some 27,000 Kilometers away (really? :P), taking up Music Classes because, well you LOVE Music or working towards that AMAZING project you have been thinking about for the past 2,000 years.

That’s what life is for, I believe.

What do you think?

Would LOVE to hear your thoughts and experiences. 

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