Associate Rider of the Month – March 2019

Jumping into 2019
January 1, 2019

Azram Hussain - Rider of the Month

The sun is setting and it is a perfect spring season evening, Azram Hussain, one of our Associate Riders, is on leave but drops into the office just to say hello. He cannot imagine what’s about to happen. He has been awarded by RAFT Bazaar as Employee of the Month. This is the first time he has been recognized during his years of working experience. Delivering groceries is not an easy task, so he deserves it.

It was all based upon our Company Philosophy: Life is More. Today I am putting up a little snippet forward to showcase and explain our company philosophy.

At least once in our life, we’ve all been in a situation where we face task after task every single day. I call it a functional lifestyle. We know what we need to do to survive during the day and hence, we end up doing, most of the times, the same things over and over again. The usual functional lifestyle involves going to work, planning projects, executing them, grocery shopping, reach home and get some sleep. The same thing, in slightly different variations, is repeated again and again for most people. Yup! That’s our life. Function most of the times.

Although all of this is great – as a lot of us take care of some of our dreams and passions at work too – but it does leave one wanting for more out of their life.  We end up killing a lot of our passions as well just to make sure that we perfect the functional lifestyle.

We at RAFT Bazaar believe in our philosophy of Life is More and it all starts with our people.

We make sure that we provide our employees with a dynamic career path – learning skills that are not related to their usual work routine. The core focus is upon our Associate Riders. They are treated with utmost respect which they happily carry on towards our customers. They are appreciated with Rider of the Month Award based upon performance. This makes us a competitive team and helps us serve our customers best.

Azram Hussain

But that’s not it. Their career path has been designed to make sure the best performing Associate Riders take more responsibility and become leaders – leading and mentoring new incoming staff. This really helps us get the company values, culture and performance standards across the board.

The Associate Riders feel a sense of joy when given responsibility – Azram Hussain was last month’s Rider of the Month – in the long run, who knows, he may become an operations manager or a trainer helping us set new industry standards. That, at least, is the plan.

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