Who Are We?

We, at RAFT (short for Urdu word “RAFTAAR”), intend to Transform Customer Experience in Pakistan. Aiming to provide as much convenience to you as possible, the idea for RAFT Bazaar is to deliver Daily-Household Goods to YOUR Doorstep – just with a Click of your Mobile. Click Here to download our Mobile Application and Order Now!

How RAFT Bazaar Works

Our Philosophy

At RAFT, we believe that Life is More than just going through daily functional tasks. We are aware that your routines get crowded by daily chores which leaves no room for pursuing your passions. We provide you with just the right solution!

Now you can pick up that camera of yours or go out with your friends to watch the game or maybe just even hit the Yoga mat as we ensure that you have ONE LESS THING to worry about: Groceries. We take care of your Grocery Shopping while you can have the time of your life!

Life is More with RAFT Bazaar.

What Do We Stand For

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